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Start reading on July 1 (or anytime after) until September 11.  Be sure to keep track of the hours you spend reading on the Reading Record sheets provided (more record sheets are available here).  Don’t forget to read your Bible—that definitely counts too!

Earn 1 entry into the Wrap Up Party Prize Draws and 1 Reading Prize for every 5 hours you read.  

All entries into the Wrap Up Party Prize Draw must be received no later than 9.00pm, Friday, September 11.  No entries will  be accepted on the day of the Wrap Up Party Prize Draw.

Come in anytime this summer to redeem your reading hours for Reading Prizes!  Be sure to bring your Summer Reading Club bookmark into the store along with your Reading Club record book  to redeem for a Reading Prize!  Your bookmark also entitles you to purchase regular priced kids or teen books at 15% off!  

We completely understand that you may not wish to bring your children into our store.  If this is the case, we encourage parents to bring their booklets into the store on their behalf and you may select a Reading Prize for each 5 hours submitted and you will be given entries to fill in for them to go into the Wrap Up Party Prize Draw. Reading Prizes are shown on our website on the "Reading Prizes" page so you can pick what you would like in advance.

Book suggestions for older children can be found here, and for younger children here.